svářečské práceWelding school Pardubice-Trnová, a school with a long tradition, was founded in 1968 to meet the needs of Pozemní staveb Pardubice, n.p.

The school is listed in a system of CWS ANB - Czech Welding Society, Which is authority for welding and is a full member of the European Welding Federation.

Our welding school with a forty-years tradition in specialized in lessons of welding quality steels of all groups, including stainless. Furthermore reinforcing steel, welding of aluminum and its alloys and soldering copper pipes for gas installers.

Courses are organized by Czech standards, European standards and international standards, CSN 050705, CSN EN 287.1, EN 17 660.1, 660.2 DIN EN 17, EN 13133, EN ISO 9606-2, account is taken of other regulations such as EN 12732, Article 10, for gas and to EU directive 97/23/EC on pressure equipment to Act No. 22/97 sb. on technical requirements for products, in accordance with DIN EN 15085. Welding of railway vehicles and railway regulation in 95/5 for rail vehicles. Training is organized with regard to technical rules issued by CWS ANB.

Activity overview

We provide all types of courses of all methods for gas welding, arc stick electrode and electric arc in a protective atmosphere, and brazing of copper tubes. Training, basic courses, official courses including welding in a simulated excavation for gas. We provide also the extending of all these certifications.

We also provide a small scope advisory service to our clients.​​