Clock Spring

Clock Spring

Clock Spring


The composite patented repair technology of Clock Spring Company, L.P., Houston, USA is a modern way to deal with permanent repairs made without a limitation of apipeline operations.

Development of this technology falls back into the early 80th of the last century. This product was being developped thanks to the wisdom, effort, experience and vision of many individuals, companies, institutes and associations to provide an elegant and simple system for the purpose of strengthening and reinforcement of damaged pipes.

The commercial use was approved and launched in 1993, after decades of years of research, development, verification of ability to perform the desired function even after several years of actual loading conditions on the real line, the installation was performed in 69 sections monitored on different pipelines operated with defects. These repairs had passed detailed analyzes after 7-year trial run, studies and pressure tests to confirm the repair time stability without degradation of mechanical properties and other undesirable effects. However, there were made more than 150 pressure tests on the real pipeline bodies. Total lifetime warranty of the sleeve was, considering the knowledge and assumptions supported by long-term exploration, to more than 50 years!

The biggest consumer market is the U.S., however the use is further extending throughout the world and it is now used in over 75 countries, 28 European countries including Czechia and Slovakia. According to available information about 500,000 units have been installed worldwide up to now.

Clock Spring is designed to provide the latest available and well proven technologies for pipeline industry. It is designed to maximize the safety of workers and the general public in connection with the application and use. It minimizes the environmental burden and the total rehabilitation costs.


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